Mark W. Rossi


I was born into a family that lacked sincere spirituality.  The Bible was never read or practiced, let alone taught or believed.  My siblings and I were baptized as infants for cultural and traditional purposes.  As the children in our family matured, we grew further away from any spiritual activity.  My twin brother, George, and I, both joined the Air Force upon graduating High School.  My brother and I were both saved and called into full-time service for the Lord while stationed at different locations.  Mrs. Rossi and I were married in May 1984 and have had the privilege of raising five children to adulthood.  We have one grandchild, Justin, from our daughter, Kaylah.  After nine years of active duty service, I was honorably discharged from the military.  In May 1993 I graduated from Colorado Baptist College and was ordained during the same ceremony.  After serving eleven years in two local churches as an assistant pastor, I was called in October 2000 to pastor Lighthouse Baptist Church in Cheyenne.

Nathan Post

Assistant Pastor

Colossians 1:18 “That in all things He might have the preeminence”
The Lord our God is good!

I was born in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. No, my parents are not military, but they are enlisted in the King’s army and serve as missionaries. We were in Africa for 16 years and they are now serving in St Quentin, NewBrunswick, Canada. By God’s amazing grace I was saved at the age of 4 years old placing the faith of a child in Christ. After graduating high school, I went to Santa Clara, California and studied Pastor Theology at Golden State Baptist College. Throughout those years of studying, I was reunited with an old friend, who quickly became more than a friend. Rachel Legere (now Rachel Post as of December 20th, 2019) Is the greatest blessing in my life, second only to our Lord and Savior.

God led us to Lighthouse Baptist Church and we began our service here in late January of 2020. God is blessing this ministry tremendously and we are privileged to be a part of it!

Stacy Giannino

Church Secretary

I am Cheyenne born and bred and love every part of our country community. Growing up in an unsaved home, we would go to church on occasion, but it was never a lifestyle for us. I did, however, ride the bus to Lighthouse Baptist Church when I was ten years old, but eventually I stopped going. Through God’s grace and mercy I came to know our Savior in April of 2001. Since I had very fond memories of Lighthouse as a child, I decided after I got saved to attend Lighthouse again. All of this happened without knowing the Lord was leading me to the place where I would eventually serve as the secretary and allow me to teach the ladies Sunday School class. I married my wonderful husband in June of 2001 and then we both joined Lighthouse in January of 2002. We have been blessed with four wonderful children: Victoria, Elizabeth, Timothy, and Hannah. I also have the privilege to be the church and missions secretary at Lighthouse. I can truly say the Lord had guided and blessed my life!

Bill Leader

Bus Director

I was saved in my hometown of Wheatland, Wyoming in May 1980 as a result of a karate evangelist’s presentation in our school. I was encouraged to attend a Christian college in Indiana. After two and a half years of college, I returned home, where I met and later married my wife, Terry, in July 1986. We moved to Cheyenne and joined Lighthouse Baptist Church (LBC). We are blessed with five children; Sarita (husband Jeff), Heather, Billy, Caleb, and Cody, and one grandson. Over the thirty plus years at LBC, we have served in many areas of the ministry. My wife and I have served in the bus ministry since 1986. In the past, I have taught the teen boys and couples at LBC. I am currently the men’s Sunday School teacher and the Children’s Church preacher. I also have the opportunity to be the Bus Director and serve as a Deacon. I graduated from the Wyoming Bible Institute and was ordained to preach the gospel in June 2007. My hobbies include hunting, fishing, reading and spending time with family.

Russell Loetscher

Support Staff for Facilities and Grounds Maintenance

I was born in Cheyenne, WY. Growing up in a Christian family that regularly attended a good Bible believing church. When I was 15 years old, I attended Red Cliff Bible Camp and heard a message about being a Jezebel (rebel). As a result of the message about rebellion, I was convicted of my need to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior, and was called into full-time Christian service.
While working and raising a family, I attended International Baptist College and Seminary in Chandler, Arizona. I earned a BA in Bible and Christian Service in 2010. I have always enjoyed building projects and working with my hands. As a crew chief for A & K Painting, I was able to complete hundreds of hours of work on Tri-City Baptist Ministries’ Chandler location.
My family and I have served at Lighthouse Baptist Church since February of 2011.